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Orchid Days in Chios

Our tours are unhurried with minimum travel on most days, ideal for photography and exploring fully each area for plants and butterflies.

Maximum 3 clients on each day.

Our base will be the Villa Voulamandis in the Kampos area. This delightful area is situated just twenty minutes from the small airport of Mytilene.

Four day trips are offered taking you to the best orchid rich sites in the southern and central part of this beautiful island. Details of the various sites are not given out on the Internet.

Mike Taylor’s book presents 46 orchid species on the island.

Our highlights will include:

  • Serapias carica
  • Ophrys: Regis ferdinandii, cinereophila, umbilicate orphanidea, minutula dodekanensis, parosica and many examples of the attaviria x cesmeensis complex.

Dates: New dates avilable for 2022.

The cost for each day is £80 and includes transport on the day.

Please enquire for travel details, hotel and orchid lists for each day.

(to select multiple tours, please hold down the CTRL key (on PCs) or COMMAND key (on Macs) while clicking)