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Orchid Days in Cyprus

We will explore the north-east area of Cyprus, visiting the Akamas National Park and the many orchid rich sites in the area. We will be staying near to Polis with flights to Paphos being the most convenient.

Our tours are unhurried with minimum travel on most days, ideal for photography and exploring fully each area for plants and butterflies.

Maximum 3 clients on each day.

  • Day 1: Exploring the Akamas with orchid highlights being Orchis punctulata and Ophrys: levantina, bornmeulleri, flavomarginata and many more.
  • Day 2: Pegeia Forest and Akoudalia sites.
  • Day 3: A visit to Akrotiri with highlights being the very rare Epipactus veratrifolia and Ophrys kotchyi.
  • Day 4: Five sites to be visited in the Pentalia area.

Dates: New dates will be avilable for 2022.

The cost for each day is £80 and includes transport on the day.

Please enquire for travel details, hotels and lists for each tour.

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