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Orchid Days in the North Peloponnese

Our tours are unhurried with minimum travel on most days, ideal for photography and exploring fully each area for plants and butterflies.

Maximum 3 clients on each day.

Acknowledged to be one of the great natural areas of southern Europe, with an exciting range of orchids, the Peloponnese offers an abundance of wild life.

The April Orchid tour includes:

  • Day 1   Features the first night near the ancient site of Mycenae with orchid highlights such as Ophrys argolica, delphinesis and schlechteriana. A visit to the Corinth Canal will provide two excellent sites with Orchis papilionacea and Ophrys iricolor providing highlights.
  • Day 2   The Vouraikos gorge.
  • Day 3   Visiting five areas in the Diakofto area.
  • Day 4   Five sites in the Evrostina area, the last with a        possible 12 orchid species.


  • Orchids Between the 8th – 18th April 2022.
  • Butterflies and later orchids 8th – 16th May 2022.
  • Dragonflies and butterflies end May – June. Dates tba.

The cost for each day is £80 and includes transport on the day.

Please enquire for travel details, hotels and lists for each tour.

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